• Alien Software is retail and B2B software that integrates with your world.
    From fuelstation to barber. From wholesaler to winefarm.
    We do it all!

    • Business software as a service. Not a liability.
    • Suitable for small to extra large businesses
    • No central servers
    • Continuous improvements at no extra charge
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Single, Easy-to-use, Interface
Why struggle?

Sales, exchanges, stock control, laybuys and much more all accessible from a simple interface.

Works Offline
Keeping you going

Keep trading even if your internet connection goes down. Each Alien installation serves as its own server.

Forecourt Integration
Get the litres you need

Control your forecourt seamlessly, with our customised solutions to suit your forecourt needs.

Up to the minute

From Cape Town to California, Alien will keep you up to date to the minute with it's real-time reporting.

Cost Effective
No contracts

Being South African, we offer a highly competitive price schedule. With no contractual obligation either, Alien is a no-risk choice.

Central Support
Remote systems monitoring

We can remotely communicate with your installations and fix issues often before you call us!


The Retail sector is another core speciality for Alien Software. Alien seamlessly caters for weighing scales, scanners, cash registers, EFT terminals, touch screens and any other wide variety of hardware. Being a fully automated, and a full ERP solution all in one, Retailers have all the functionality of Point of Sale (Transact/Cash up), Gift Cards, Loyalty, Time and Attendance, Warehousing, Stock Control, Disaster Recovery, Online Reporting from any mobile device and CRM (including SMS marketing) at your fingertips. Start taking control of your Retail business now by using Alien Software to help focus on Sales, Stock Management and more. Software built with technology of the future to benefit today's Retailers.


The Alien hospitality ERP/Point of Sale systems operates on a standard PC or mobile devices eg tablets and smartphones. It integrates with all the latest ancillary products as well as credit card readers, employee ID readers and wireless printers.
There is also a Cash-Free Vending system, suitable for large events and outdoor exhibitions/carnivals, where the Event Organiser needs to remove the risk of handling cash.


Whether it's a purely a Fuel Station or there is an adjoining Shop or Restaurant/Coffee Shop, rest assured that Alien Software has it all covered in one comprehensive Software solution. Alien Software can also manage Fuel Depots, Mines, Farms, Large Fleets with unrivalled efficiency that is not just technologically advanced, but also easy to use and it's affordable. Control your business with tools like Real Time online reporting from any mobile device and see your margins improve substantially. Come fill up on the Best technology for Fuel.

Stock / Warehousing

The Alien warehouse management system controls the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and processes the associated transactions, including receiving, putaway and movement of stock in real time. We integrate with the latest tracking and identification technology including barcode scanners, mobile scanners/computers, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and NFC (near field communication) tags to efficiently monitor the flow of products.

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