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A state-of-the art software and electronics design company

Using only the latest, cutting-edge technology, we provide you with the ultimate comprehensive solution to running your business with a completely integrated system.



Built for You

Our revolutionary system has been meticulously engineered to be versatile enough to cater for all types of industries and equally suitable to be utilized in any size business.

What is Alien?

Alien's Point of Sale effectively manages each stage of your business, from production, to manufacturing and even distribution.

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Why Alien

Alien is free

The software itself is free…THAT’S RIGHT! Only the monthly service fee is applicable and HIGHLY competitive.

No contracts

You can stop using the software whenever you want.

Non-modular software

Complete, unrestricted access to all of Alien’s features.


Compatible with standard PC hardware

Offline functionality

Downtime is a thing of the past

Device compatibility

Fully manage your business on the go

Software Integration

We integrate with many software such as Pastel

Hardware Integration

Such as fuel pumps, printers, scanners, fingerprint readers, and industrial scales.

Remote support

Receive help and advice immediately without having to wait for a technician

Based in South Africa

With our proudly local brand, support is always close at hand

Alien Architecture

Alien software runs autonomously and does not require an internet connection in order to function. Instead, data is transferred when a connection becomes available

Fuel Management

Alien's Fuel Point of Sale (POS) Services is developed from the existing Alien System infrastructure, which already had the capacity for running a range of industry processes and the procedures required to run a business.

The majority of other fuel systems available on the market are developed the other way around, meaning the basic logistic for running a business are thrown in at the end as an afterthought, rather than being a focal point of the process.

Pump Controllers

Alien has developed its own Pump Controllers for suppliers such as Dresser Wayne. Prowalco, Gilbarco and Tokheim, whilst the controllers for other brands such as Wayne, Hong Yang and Star are in progress.

Other models of pump controllers can be managed by integrating them with Enabler or Postec pump controllers. Of these two options, Enabler is the preferred choice, because of Postec’s instability.

Tank Gauging

Tank gauging couldn’t be any easier because Alien has developed and integrated their own probes, meaning that its costs a fraction of what the competition would charge.

Fit for anything

Alien can conveniently and efficiently service hardware Stores, jewellers, butchers, petrol stations and restaurants. You can manage your business regardless of where you are in the world or how many locations your businesses are located in.


Easy-to-use and Customizable Interface

Control sales, exchanges, stock, lay-buys and more.

Barcode and RFID Code Scanning

Scan stock codes, short codes, barcodes and pack codes for bulk sales simultaneous items at once.

Customer Relationship Management

Communicate with your customers through SMS and email in real-time so that they continue to use your business. Fully customizable to our customers specifications

Optimised Search Features

An extensive but simple search for products for fast and easy browsing

Promotions and Specials

Create and advertise unique promotions and special offers according to the customer and occasion.

Security Configuration

Configurable security on 500+ functions.

Online Store Integration

Manage your online store in real time

Real-Time and Online Reporting

So that you and your customers can always be informed


Data management is automatically handled by our systems for your peace of mind

Expansion Opportunities

Grow your business from a single store to a multi-chain group of entities

Loyalty and Gift Cards

Design unique vouchers, gift cards and loyalty programs

Product Media

Automatically distribute media files such as images, music files and videos.

Stock Control

Receive & Transfer Stock Effective receiving & transfering of stock

99.7% Accuracy Powerful stock taking with 99.7% accuracy


Integrated Ordering Integrated Ordering System.

Stock Taking Sales permitted during stock take.

Custom Categories Multiple fixed customised stock categories.

Variances Automated variance clearence.

Batch Scanning Integrated batch scanner reader and RFID.

Web Store Integrated web store shares stock with your store(s).


Our stock control capabilities are unlike anything available in the market. It has the capacity to independently manage the company’s consumable (non-sellable) inventory and the inventory that is utilized as part of trading stock.

Internet of Things

Alien specialises in providing highly customised software and hardware systems that can be seamlessly integrated with third-party software and hardware

The Device Dashboard

The Alien IoT Dashboard creates a series of reports that provides information for state devices, such as extended periods, temperatures and humidity at various locations.


The Alien IOT has the following features:

Temperature and Humidity Control


Analog measurements

Open/Closed; On/Off; Yes/No Detection

Incremental Control – such as lighting

Testing Includes:

Electricity Consumption

Gas and Air Quality Measurement

Fire Detection

Movement Sensors

The IOT Reports

Reports are currently being formulated and projected based on the information being input by our customers. The report can be customised in any way..

A Brief History

After 27 years in IT and electronic engineering, our MD, Alden Möller decided to have a change of pace.

Our Principles

At the heart of Alien’s philosophy is honesty and dedication. We will only make promises when we’re certain that we can fulfil them, and we will never release untested or unproven products. We provide affordable and effective software that is truly ahead of its time, and customer feedback is a crucial aspect of our development plan. Even once we’ve designed a product, we’re always developing and improving it. We are constantly challenging the industry standards so that we can achieve a new standard of excellent in automated technologies.

Meet Us

Alien Team
Alden Möller
Managing Director
Alien Team
Amien Parker
Finance & Training
Alien Team
Gavin Louw
Technical Manager
Alien Team
Pedzi Tokwe
Electronics Technician
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Zander Welsh
Design Technician
Alien Team
Irene XXX
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

About the CEO

Alden Moller is the Founder of Alien Automation Technologies and has worked as an electronic engineer and software specialist for more than 35 years.